Implementing EOS in an Accounting Firm

Two years ago, Redmond Accounting began implementing EOS (the Entrepreneurial Operating System). Sharon Means, the Integrator for RAI, shares some of the highlights of how it has really helped their firm. More...

The Path to a Paperless Practice

Because a piece of paper is tangible, people tend to think it’s more solid and secure than bits of data in the cloud, but the opposite is actually true. An online DMS allow you to control access to documents at the document level, if you wish, and the most can provide you with an audit log so you can see who has viewed and edited the document– and even recover a previous version if necessary. The same cannot be said of paper documents.

Learn why you should commit to eliminating paper-based workflows from your firm and the steps you need to take to get there.

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What is Aero Advisor?

The Aero Advisor feature allows Aero users to open Aero accounts for their clients. These Advisor accounts remain connected to the firm's Aero account, allowing the firm to manage it.

Firms can use Aero Advisor as a method to distribute knowledge to clients in an interactive, organized manner. Firms can create procedure guides and checklist templates that can be shared across all their Advisor accounts while being managed in a central location.